Project 2 - Every Day is Halloween

When the project is executed with all the necessary hardware, the application starts with find yourself in a dark storeroom with very minimum lighting and a torchlight lying close to your feet. Though Torchlight is not compulsory it is recommended to use it. As the entire application is built with a dark and scary theme. It would be better to roam around the scene with a torchlight. Once a torchlight is picked, there are a lot of things that you can in that room. Walking in the room will help you go through the crazy stuff kept in the room like Mummy case, empty barrels, Egyptian utensils, skulls and even a chest. Some of the items can be carried in the hand to check how it works. You will find a surprising sound at times when you go close to certain objects or carry them. There is also a light music that is continuously being played. After this, you are free to exit the room through the door. A door is available near one of the corners of the room. The door needs to be opened by pulling it.

After exiting the room, you will find a steep slope going downwards from your left. You need to take that slope and go down. Falling off from the slope will pull you down into a never-ending abyss where you can't come out from. The application has to be restarted and start from the storeroom again. Once you come down to the end of the slope, there is an entrance to the most creepy bedroom. The bedroom has all the most bizarre nightmares we wished we never had. There will be someone sleeping next to you. There will be someone ready to encounter you at your first entrance into the room. You will be pushing few objects here and there like chair bed table. There are also few items like saw that you can it off the bed. Again the exit is at the corners of the room.

Next comes the kitchen. You are invited to have your meals with some of the weirdos that you wish you never met them in your life. The kitchen has a table in the center. The table has got plates, jar, and spoons. You can carry them and move around with it. Few aliens are also interested to meet you in the kitchen! Some pumpkins are also kept at the top of the shelf. There is a similar exit in the corners that will take you to the living room. All the rooms are connected by a downward slope that you walk into. Jumping out from the slope is going to cause same fate no matter from where you jump out.

The house owner has a got likeness for all scary movies he has ever watched. He has put up wall posters of them on the walls. He also got a pet living in the house that pushes and throws away some of the furniture. There is also an Ouija board on the couch that he uses to interact with people from the other world. There is also a gun that you can use. There also few items like the book that you want to carry. Finally, there is a door to exit out of this haunted house and feel safe again.

The source code of the project can be downloaded from this link
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Commercialize the Project

Building a product requires a complete understanding of the customers. Giving them what they want, or desire is going to give the best experience for them. Looking at the product from that perspective, exploring a fun house is always an experience which people want to remember for a long time. They come to a fun house to get scared. To imagine what if all the nightmares come true. To re-live any scary moment which had faced earlier only to realize now that it turns out to be funny. Hence it is totally necessary to build a product that can scare them away.

Since the fun house is made virtually not physically. It is possible to imagine our wildest ideas and bring them to life using VR. These wildest dreams can be anything from an ant to aliens. Considering the animation and graphics that can be used in this technology-driven world, the fun house will surmount increase level of the fear factor. They will be able to visualize many surreal things that were shown in movies and games till now. This will bring them one step closer to what they wanted to feel in a fun house.

Since the funhouse is built on VR, it possible to make the customer feel like they are all alone in the house and no one is around them. This is going to get them scarier than before. At the same time, it is possible that they want to visit funhouse with some of their friends. Hence this can also be done by connecting them to the same application either in the local or remote way. This way customer will still be able to enjoy their Halloween with people who are far away from them.

With VR, it is possible to do role plays select scenarios or different themed fun house that customers want to visit. All this can be done from a single location where everything brought to the customers. The unnecessary conveyance from one funhouse and another is no longer necessary. It is also possible to play these at home with the VR.

Personalization of funhouse will be another great experience for them. There are a lot of things that can be personalized to get them feared more. It can be started from the environment level to bringing out the most feared things of the customer. Apartments regularly used streets and supermarkets can turn into the funhouse and scare the shit out. It is also possible to make the bedroom the scariest place to live with this VR.

Understanding the person's emotions and likeness by processing the Facebook and Twitter data on the customer will give us better ideas to know what they are afraid of, what they feel is most embarrassing etc. This can also help them connect to the people who fear similar things and become a platform to meet like-minded people.

Models, Sounds and Assets sources


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Mummy Warriors -
Baby Mummy -
Storeroom Models -
Created Model -
Created Models in this room - Cross, Mummy Case, Cage, Basket, triple spear
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Green Monster -
Damned Doctor -
Beds and Cots Part 1 -
Beds and Cots Part 2 -
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Created Models in this room - joker clock, Vikings Axe, Chair, key, Pen Stand
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Zombie 2 -
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Created Models in this room - Tombstone,Pumpkin, Witch Hat, table, Cot
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Living room

Sofa -
cupboard -
babyDoll -
Monster -
Knight -
FirePlace and Tables -
Created Model -
Created Models in this room - Candle, Gun, Ouija Board, HolyBook, Balloons
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