Project 1 - Eat It

This project was built with an idea to explore Augmented Reality at an intermediate level. The project will have several real world targets that will be captured with an camera and different Augmented objects would be placed. Different themes are used for different kind of targets. The aumgented images and objects placed for each of the targets are based on themes. We have tried different scenarios and tried to create a 3d scene around the targets with appropriate sounds, animation, music and models that would provide the user with a very pleasant experience of using it. We tested out the project with different targets like image, cuboid and cylinders.

Few of the targets are created on our own while some were taken from the internet. Same goes for the materials, models and texture that are used in the project. Materials and textures were developed using different softwares like Paint , Paint-3D and GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation software), an open source equivalent of the Adobe Photoshop. Models were created using sketchUp software. Some animations were done within the Unity-3D software while some where taken from different internet sources mentioned at the end. Scripts are totally created by us following multiple examples taken from internet and vuforia documentation videos.

Images of the targets are in the folder "/Project1/images".
Image targets takes width as 24 units.
Cylinder targets take radius of 6 units and height of 13 units.
Cuboid targets has Width, height and length of 20, 10 and 20 units respectively.
For creating the real world objects of these targets, we have provided with separate files that needs to be printed and moulded into targets.

The source code of the project can be downloaded from here
Also please find the video of the project here.

Futuristic thoughts on Augmeted Reality

There are a lot of ideas, thoughts that can be done or implemented to use this kind of technology for this situation like breakfast. Apart from displaying nutritional information or providing more content in the reality, it has a lot more scope. They can be integrated with Google Home, Alexa or any personal assistants like Siri and Google Now and provide contents based on their data. Every day, as we wake up from the bed these AR glasses can become an integral part of our daily life routine. It is possible to suggest us the breakfast menu based on our calendar schedule. It will help us decide what kind of food do we need to have to feel energized all throughout the day. If there is an early meeting that needs to be attended it can suggest the menu that can be cooked fast. Or on a leisure day, it can suggest our favorite items along with their recipes. By bringing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies into the AR, we will be able to achieve a lot more than we can imagine.

It would then be possible for the AR technology to understand the environment of the user and provide content based on that. For example, if the user opens up the fridge, the AR glasses should be able to identify the food items stored in them along with their nutritional content. They can then suggest recipes based on what food is available. It can also start suggesting food that needs to be bought from the supermarket. This will even reduce our search efforts looking for food. We will be able to talk to the AR glasses asking it to look for the food and it will point us where to look for. If there exist multiple items of the same food, then it can suggest which particular item to pick and prepare the menu out of it. It may be based on the expiry date or nearest item or anything. Even during preparing food, the AR glasses can keep a close observation of what we are preparing and suggest us if our preparation went wrong somewhere. We will be able to compare the recipe videos with what we are preparing and check on our own too.

Another idea would be to include our medical history with the AR glasses and its AI technology then they would be empowered to suggest us a diet that will keep our health better. Even our daily workout/fitness session can be included so that it gives them more context about what kind of breakfast would be needed. These are a few examples of how an AR will be useful in our daily life around breakfast time.

Models, sounds, animations sources

Placemat - 1

Robot -
Fruits -
Food -
Created Model -
Sound -
Animation -
Static images - Google Images

Placemat - 2

Big fat guy with animation (Big Vegas) -
Fruits -
Food -
Created Model -
Sound -
Static images - Google Images

Cereal box - 1

Chuck Norris with animation -
Cans -
Vending machine -
Created Model -
Sound -
Box images - Google Images

Cereal box - 2

Cars -
Buildings -
Cop -
Railing, Stop signage -
Created Model -
Water Splash, Smoke -
Sound -

Milk can - 1

Can images - Google Images Dinner set Model -
Cloud, Moon -
Created Model -
Sound -
Dancing Lady -

Milk can - 2

Animals -
Fountain -
Trees -
Created Model -
Fire -
Creature 1 -
Creature 2 -
Sound -

Can - 3

Classroom -
Professor with Animation -
Created Model -
Sound -

Can - 4

Beach Model -
Man exercising -
Woman Warmup -
Created Model -
Sound -


Images from 9gag and google